This is Ludum Dare 30 entry


#204 Overall(Jam) 3.46
#367 Innovation(Jam) 3.08
#193 Fun(Jam) 3.38
#227 Theme(Jam) 3.50
#398 Graphics(Jam) 3.35
#306 Audio(Jam) 3.23
#315 Humor(Jam) 2.56
#544 Mood(Jam) 2.80
#1426 Coolness 45%


This is my first time to attend Ludum Dare
hope that everyone will enjoy it!

------Game list----

LD30 : Parallel Worlds

LD31 : Screen Pong

LD32 : Coder VS Bugs

LD33 : Ninja Cockroach

LD34 : You can't see but you can feel


Story :
A group of scientists discovered existence of parallel worlds, and they made some machines that can transport themselves to parallel worlds.

You, as a scientist, start a journey to parallel worlds because you found that you can touch another you in parallel worlds, and you will become more powerful.

Game Goal :
Meet yourself by transporter.

Control :
"A", "D" to move left/right.
"W" to jump.
"Space" to next level or return to menu.(not always allowed)

Unity Engine

Art assets came from Kenny Assets

Designed and made by Cliff Lee CL.

Published Dec 15, 2015
AuthorCliff Lee CL
Tagsldjam, Ludum Dare 30
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksLudum Dare


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This is super cool! Well done!

Thanks :)